Out Now: JeDEM 6(2) Special CeDEM14 Issue!

JeDEM – eJournal of eDemocracy and Open Government Vol 6, No 2 (2014)

Issue 6(2) of the eJournal of eDemocracy and Open Government has just been published and presents the best papers from the CeDEM14 (Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government

CeDEM14 broke all previous records in terms of number of people attending, number of papers submitted, number of workshops offered and the number of pages in the proceedings. Whilst we of course recommend reading the CeDEM Proceedings, the Journal of E-Democracy and Open Government allows us to showcase the best papers from the conference. These are the papers that received the highest peer-review marks and some were nominated for the CeDEM Best Paper Award.

See the Table of Contents below, then visit the website (http://www.jedem.org/issue/view/17 ) to read the OA articles!

Table of Contents
Editorial 6(2) Noella Edelmann, Peter Parycek
Breaking Public Administrations’ Data Silos. The Case of Open-DAI, and a Comparison between Open Data Platforms. Raimondo Iemma, Federico Morando, Michele Osella
From Toddler to Teen: Growth of an Open Data Ecosystem. Maximilian Heimstädt, Fredric Saunderson, Tom Heath
Isotype Visualizations. A Chance for Participation & Civic Education. Eva Mayr, Günther Schreder
The Arts of the Possible. Information Visualization in the Field of Politics. Florian Windhager, Michael Smuc
Polarizing Political Participation Frames in a Nordic Gay Community. Jakob Svensson
The Ideal Voting Interface: Classifying Usability. Damien Mac Namara, Paul Gibson, Ken Oakley
Internet Voting for Expatriates: The Swiss Case. Micha Germann, Uwe Serdült
Through Liquid Democracy to Sustainable Non-Bureaucratic Government. Alois Paulin

All Things CeDEM

CeDEM, the international Conference for e-Democracy and Open Government held in Europe (Krems!) and Asia (Hong Kong!) brings together e-democracy, e-participation and open government specialists working in academia, politics, government and business from to critically analyse the innovations, issues, ideas and challenges in the networked societies of the digital age.

In terms of CeDEM, we have planned a number of events and opportunities for you to participate in this year and next year.

CeDEM Asia 2014 FBCeDEM Asia 2014 will be held 4-5 December in Hong Kong – the conference discusses recent developments such as the Hong Kong protests. Registration, programme and further information about the conference are available here: www.donau-uni.ac.at/cedem-asia-2014

CeDEM_LOGO_2014CeDEM14 If you were unable to attend the CeDEM14, you can read the summary on this blog, or read the CeDEM14 Proceedings which are now available Online (OA) and for sale:

 Cedem15_Logo_2CeDEM15 will be held 20-22 May 2015, as usual, in Krems. The call for papers is still open for your submissions, and we have bursaries for PhD students.For all details, check the CeDEM15 website. In the  meantime, we are pleased to announce our (confirmed) keynotes:

Shauneen Furlong (University of Toronto, University of Ottawa, CAN): “International Challenges to Transformational eGovernment”
Marijn Janssen (Delft University of Technology, NL): : “Experience-based Design in Open Government”
Alon Peled (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IL): “‘Wazing the Information Super Highway: Linking the World’s Open Data Resources”
Theresa A. Pardo (University at Albany, US): topic tbc

sharepsiThe 4th SharePSI Workshop will be co-located with CeDEM15. The  Share-PSI 2.0 is a EU funded project for the exchange of experience and ideas around implementing open data policies in the public sector. Attendees of CeDEM 15 will be granted free entrance to the SharePSI public meetings and presentations. For more information about SharePSI see the projects website http://www.w3.org/2013/share-psi/

Hope to see you in Hong Kong, Krems,online here or follow our CeDEM updates on Facebook!

This was CeDEM14: An Overview and Summary

The  CeDEM14 was held May 21 to May 23 2014 at the Danube University Krems. We blogged live from the conference and collected nearly all the presentations, reports, and other web media in this post. Please share this with friends and colleagues (and if you notice that your presentation is missing – do send it to us so that we can include it here!)

This was CeDEM14, thank you for joining us!

So What happened at CeDEM14?

Othmar Karas, MEP sent the CeDEM14 participants his greetings: videomessage!

 CeDEM14 in numbers

See the number of submissions, the acceptance rate, where participants come from and more!

CeDEM14 Best Paper Award

The following papers were nominated for the CeDEM14 Best Paper Award:

  • Alois Paulin: “Through Liquid Democracy to Sustainable Non-Bureaucratic Government”
  • Damien Mac Namara, J Paul Gibson and Ken Oakley: “Just Like Paper – a Baseline for Classifying E-Voting Usability”
  • Maximilian Heimstädt, Fredric Saunderson and Tom Heath: Conceptualzing Open Data Ecosystems: A Timeline Analysis of Open Data Development in the UK
  • Micha Germann, Flurin Conradin, Christoph Wellig and Uwe Serdült: “Five Years of Internet Voting for Swiss Expatriates”
  • Raimondo Iemma, Michele Osella and Federico Morando: “Breaking Public Administrations’ Data silos: The Case of Open-DAI and a comparison between open data platforms –

And the winner is…..

CeDEM14 Keynotes

We were pleased  to have Alexander Gerber, Philipp Müller, Jeanne Holme and Mohamed El-Sioufi with us! Interested in the summaries of their presentations? Find them here: “CeDEM14 Keynotes”.

CeDEM14 Workshops

A total of 6 workshops were held during the conference. Find the summaries here: “CeDEM14 Workshops”

CeDEM14 Sessions

The CeDEM14 included 7 sessions on a broad range of topics such as e-democracy, a-participation, Open Data, social and mobile media, design, technology and information visualization. 33 presentations allowed the participants to present their research results, ideas, projects, etc. Read the summaries and the presentations here: “CeDEM14 sessions”.

One of the sessions was the energetic Reflections session. Presenters have 5 minutes to present their work, and the nearly 20 presentations generate interesting discussions. We have collected the presentations here: “CeDEM14 Reflections”.

CeDEM14 allowed participants to watch the film “Blueberry Soup”  and engage in a Skype discussion with the filmmaker Eileen Jerrett, as well as participate in the Open Space, an opportunity for participants to organise their own presentations, sessions, events, workshops, birds of a feather, networking, etc.

CeDEM14 on the the Austrian Radio Channel Ö1 (mix English&German)

Peter Parycek (Head of the Centre for E-Governance) und Johnstone Baguma (Toro Development Network, Uganda) discuss E-Government, E-Voting and E-participation in Africa.


Join Us Again in Hong Kong or in 2015!


 Contributors to the CeDEM14 Summary & Overview: Bettina Rinnerbauer, Johann Höchtl, Noella Edelmann, Michael Sachs, Ralph Schöllhammer.

CeDEM14 Keynotes

We were pleased to have and hear the following keynotes:

  • Alexander Gerber on Scientific Citizenship (innocomm Research Center for Science & Innovation Communication, DE)

  • Jeanne Holm on Open Data (Evangelist, Data.gov, U.S. General Services Administration, US)

  • Philipp Müller on Statehood, the Deep Web, and Democracy (Computer Sciences Corporation and Business School of University Salzburg, AT)

  • Mohamed El-Sioufi on (E)ngaging communities through global thinking for local actions (United Nations Human Settlements Programme, UN-HABITAT)

Keep on reading for the summaries of their keynotes!


CeDEM14 Sessions

Sessions held at CeDEM14:

  • E-Democracy and E-Participation

  • Open Data, Transparency and Open Innovation

  • Citizens’ Participation in Democratic Governance Processes through ICT in Africa

  • Design and Co-creation for E-democracy

  • Bottom-Up Movements

  • E-Voting

  • Social and Mobile Media for Public Administration

  • Technology and Architecture

  • Rethinking Information Visualization for the People

  • Freedom and Ethics in Digital Societies

  • Open Collaborative Government

Keep on reading for the summaries of the presentations, ppts, etc.!

All the papers are available in the CeDEM14 Proceedings (OA and available online here!)