CeDEM14 Best Paper Award

We congratulate the winner (actually, winners as this was a joint paper) on the first CeDEM Best Paper Award:

Raimondo Iemma, Michele Osella and Federico Morando: “Breaking public administrations data silos: The case of Open-DAI, and a comparison between open data platforms.”



This is what the reviewers said about the paper:

„The papers says something which has not been said before. Furthermore, the comparison of open data portals functionality is a very valid actual use case many administrations and companies face today. It’s good to see an in-depth comparison so others can decide on quantitative and qualitative figures instead of picking automatically CKAN as the elephant in the room.“

„Benchmarking high-end solutions for todays problems was very useful and insightful to read.“

„The paper is “esthetically” well written, with good references, and presents a project (still ongoing: pilot services are being developed) for sure relevant: an open source platform designed to expose data as services, directly pulling from legacy databases of the data holder. The comparison with other platforms is well done.“

„Open data platforms are a very challenging area – both technically and politically – and this paper provides a good introduction to the main requirements for such platforms and an overview of different implementations“

„I chose this one as it addresses questions often put forward: which approach for OD to use and why.“


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