CeDEM14 Reflections

Reflections at CeDEM14

5 minutes per presentation on the following topics:

  • Open Data
  • E-Democracy
  • E-Participation
  • Open Access and Spatial Information

As well as

  • A PhD Paper
  • Two (unannounced) Stand-up

Read the summaries and view the presentations below!

Open Data


Solving the Democratic Deficit: The Role of Open Data and Intermediaries (Mark Frank, Phil Waddell)

Kenya’s Open Data Journey (Anne Muigai)

Open Data Planning Activities: Emerging Practices from a Public Value Approach (Meghan E. Cook)


E- Democracy


User-Based Open Knowledge Increasing E-Democracy in Finland (Mika Sihvonen, Miikka Sipilä)


Political Economy Frameworks for Assessing E-democracy and Digital Government (Satyan Ramlal)


Managing Legal Resources in Open Governance and E-Democracy: Eunomos – An Al and Law Response (Guide Boella, Llio Humpreys, Robert Muthuri, Lendeert v. d. Torred)


The Use of Information and Communication Technology for Developing Democracy (New Model of Public Decision making by Using ICT) (Behnam Faghih)





Some Reflections on Possible Uses of E-Participation for the Local Level (Carolin Schröder)


Digital Youth Participation in Germany – An Evaluation (Kerstin Franzl)

no slides available for this presentation


Surveys in the Field of E-Participation: Comparison of World Experience (Radomir Bolgov, Andrei Chugunov, Olga Filatova)


Online Consultations for Youth Participation in Rural Guiding Principles Development Procedures (Carl-Markus Piswanger, Werner Rudolf, Hannes Leo, Alfred Taudes, Marie-Therese Sagl)


E-Participation for Young People in Europe: Lessons Learned on a Cross-National Level (Michael Sachs, Judith Schossböck)


Citizen Engagements and Participation in Indian E-Governance with an Architectural Perspective: Case of Sahaj e-Village (Harekrishna Misra, Sanjay Kumar Panigrahi)


E-Governance and E-Participation Services: An Analysis of Discussions in Russian Social Media (Lyudmila Bershadskaya, Andrei Chugunov, Olga Filatova, Dmitrii Trutnev)

no slides available for this presentation


Open Access and Spatial Information


Open Access and Database Anonymization an Open Source Procedure Based on an Italian Case Study (Luca Leschiutta, Giuseppe Futia)


Spatial Information and GIS for Smart City (Maria Nikolova)

no slides available for this presentation


PhD Paper


Designing for Citizen Engagement to Frame Complex Problems in Cities (Veronica Bluguermann)



Stand-up (unannounced)




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