CeDEM16 PhD Colloquium

This years’ CeDEM16 again hosted a PhD colloquium. Chaired by Anneke Zuiderwijk and with Johann Höchtl, Muneo Kaigo, Jochen Scholl, and Mila Gascó on the expert panel, the following submissions were discussed:

Rido Panjaitan: The Use of Online Spaces by Government for Enhancing Citizen  Participation: Indonesia as a Case Study

Abdul Rohman: Making the World Small: A Closed FB Group and Peace Activists in Indonesia

Maria Haberer: The Crisis of Representative Democracy: Transformation of Institutional Politics through Net-Parties and Their Use of ICTs

Rachel Khan: Tracking Typhoon Haiyan: Open Government Data in Disaster Response and Recovery


Gerald Wolf: Political Participation in Times of Bologna and Social Web – A Grounded Theory from a Students’ Point of View

Ann O’Brien: Public Value in eParticipation: The Mediating Role of Sense of Community


Yvonne Bräutigam: Reporting Science in the Digital World – Are Codes of Conducts Missing Something?


Larissa Galdino de Magalhães: Government Initiatives of E-Participation of Governments: Scenario Analysis of the Bodies and Mechanisms for Social Participation in Virtual Environments.

See the commented video of her presentation

and the research statement.

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