PhD Scholarships: Migration Studies

We are currently opening three PhD student scholarships to join our dynamic interdisciplinary research team at the Faculty of Business and Globalization at Danube University Krems. These positions provide young researchers with the unique opportunity to develop state-of-the art methodological competences.

An important goal of this PhD program is assisting in evidence-informed policy design with a holistic understanding of migration policy as a pillar of social peace and the stability of states. Europe is at the center of continuous migrant and refugee movements of unprecedented scale, requiring policy makers to gain an in-depth understanding of the factors driving migration (security, income inequality, demography), facilitating migration (information and communication technology, social media) and the related impact in various fields (labor market, society, security, economy etc.). The program aims to pursue new ways of evidence-based policy making by understanding migration from a variety of methodological backgrounds, such as social or natural sciences and may focus on areas such as demography, economics, anthropology, psychology, political science, history etc. and applying diverse research methods [experimental research (e. g. game theory, behavioral economics), semantic research, data analytics (e. g. big data analysis, multivariate modeling), systems analysis (e.g. system dynamics, agent-based modeling, network analysis) and others].

The PhD student will work with senior researchers in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary environment, including various aspects of migration studies, informatics, economics and business studies, sustainability science, and public health. These are 3-year, 30h/week positions.

The program is funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior and the European Union’s Asylum-, Migration- and Integrationfund (AMIF).

Call for Contributions: 2015 E-voting PhD Seminar in Tallinn, Estonia – 26 February – 1 March 2015

In connection with the elections to the Rigiikogu, the Estonian parliament, on 1 March 2015, Tallinn University of Technology, Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance will in cooperation with CASED, TU Darmstadt and E-Voting.CC host a 3.5 day PhD seminar.

 The seminar focus will be to exchange and discuss current research of PhD students, in particular governance, organisation and technical set-up of both polling station and Internet-based e-voting. In addition participants have the opportunity to also take part in the election visitor programme organised by the Estonian Central Election Committee which will constitute a unique opportunity to gain real insight in the practicalities of a traditional and electronic election.