#CeDEM13 – Keynotes Day 1, Tiago Peixoto

The CEDEM13 Conference on eDemocracy and Open Government in Krems just started, this year with two keynotes from overseas:

Beth Noveck (@bethnoveck) and Tiago Peixoto (@participatory).
We will upload brief summaries of the keynotes and several sections on this blog, later on there will also be slides on slideshare available. Enjoy the conference and your time in Krems!
CeDEM13, day 1Tiago Peixoto (World Bank Washington)

“Pessimism of the Intellect and Open Government”

There is a logical fallancy called „argumentum ad novitatem“ meaning that new things are sold to be more appealing, alongside the notion of semantic plasticity: new terms are adapted conveniently without explanation of their real meaning, and narrowly used language can confuse supporters, prevent focus and be the enemy of long term success.

Coming up with new names is no problem per se, however, looking at the field of eParticipation, Peixoto criticised that this term is techo-deterministic, biased, under-theorized and methodologically immature. One task thus would be to connect with the participation field, but beyond the Habermasian. We should also be looking at matters of epistemic democracy instead of theories of crowdsourcing to find out under what circumstances crowds can produce knowledge etc., and at theories that are already there. (going with the pessimism of the intellect, but the optimism oft he will J). (more…)