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Internet and Society Symposium Berlin #bsis11

I participated in the second day of the #bsis Symposium (known as “Google Symposium” for many :)) which slowly but surely started off with the keynote of

Rebecca MacKinnon “Consent of the Networked”

on internet governance, freedom of speech, surveillance and revolutions.

Short-term political vs. global interests? Examples of Surveillance and reactions

I particularly liked the visual examples of how websites particularly look in China and how censory is put into words (“this is international practice”, “this page is temporarily not available”). Examples like the Dog poop girl of 2005 in South Korea (a girl who was hunted down by internet vigilantes for refusing to clean up after her dog in a subway) can also be used as evidence of “crazy people on the net”. In Korea, all users of website are required to use a national ID. Other cases are frequently quoted as an example of countries becoming less free due to the internet, like bloggers being arrested due to posting critical content.

Disconnection denies our rights? Mess with one of us. Mess with all of us.