CeDEM15, Day 1, Afternoon Talks (FB engagement and Liquid Feedback)

Facebook Engagement and Greek Local Governments (Amalia Triantafillidou, Georgis Lappas, Prodromos Yannas, Alexandros Kleftodimos)

How to measure effectiveness of social media in politics? Various studies tried to measure effectiveness by dimensions, f.i. transparency, participation and collaboration (Mergel 2013; other approach: Bonsón et al. 2014). The model presented was applied in the Greek context, measuring dimensions like awareness, attitude expression, engagement and advocacy. Data collection was based on 325 municipalities and took place from June to August 2014.


28% of municipalities had an official Facebook page, 16% had a Facebook profile. How do those who have one differ from one who have none? One factor is the size of a municipality, and in fact no other significant differences could be found. There is a low exploitation of social media by Greek municipalities, which can partly be explained by bureaucracy. It is argued that the majority of municipalities should start participating in the social media arena. (more…)