Kheira Belkacem

#CeDEM13 day 1, afternoon, Track: E-Democracy and E-Politics

Day 1, 16:00-17:30. Chair: Reinhard Riedl.

Botswana Speaks Parliamentary Initiative: A sociopolitical approach to eDemocracy initiatives in developing countries 

Kheira Belkacem

People of Botswana are generally interested to give their opinions to the members of parliament. Such opportunities are wanted online and offline, with inline input being in favour. The participation platform focuses on mobile devices as communication and internet penetration is mostly based on mobile technology but also from telecommunication-centres in villages. Direct website input or SMS input, both is possible as well as offline input. The implementation of this project is accompanied with training for all stakeholders. The pilot phase was successful and the open stage started only weeks ago. The project was initiated by a team member in discussions with town chiefs and the great interest in technology by an MP.