Gregor Eibl

#CeDEM13 day 1, morning, Track: Open Data, Transparency (..)


(Guerilla knitting by @anked still here from #CEDEM12 !! :-))

Here you’ll find minutes of the Open Data Session on the first day of CEDEM13. Presentations: 4. Room occupancy: full. Weather report: Lovely late morning sunshine.

Re-Designing Open Data 2.0

Alon Peled
At the moment, open data is moving forward. This contribution is dealing with a categorisation of criticism towars Open Data (named “Open Data 1.0 Criticism) like bad design or unrealistic goals, technology obsession etc. Beside the need of conceptualising this criticism, there is certainly a place for Open Data, but open does not neccessarily mean free. There could also be an intern arena created between agencies we have to be aware of. (more…)