Workshop Open Government Data at UNU Institute, Macau

The Centre for E-Governance participated in a workshop in Macau, which was hosted by the UNU (Institute for Computing and Society). The goal of the workshop was to exchange knowledge and ideas on Open Government Data (OGD), but also on aspects of the e-society and ICT for democratic or social development. The Centre for E-Governance presented current projetcs in the area of OGD and Smart Cities. City University Hong Kong gave insights into study results in the area of civic online engagement. UNU presented a study on the usage of OGD by several cases in different international contexts.



SmartGov – Advanced decision support for Smart Governance

Get to know the project “SmartGov – Advanced decision support for Smart Governance”!

What is the SmartGov project?

SmartGov – Advanced decision support for Smart Governance” is an interdisciplinary and international research project funded by JPI Urban Europe, a joint programming initiative, which aims to create attractive, sustainable and economically viable urban areas for European citizens and communities. The SmartGov project will last for 3 years and started on 1st April 2016 and will continue until end of March 2019.

What are the objectives of the SmartGov project?

The project goals focus on creating new governance methods and supporting ICT tools based on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps. Further to simulate the impact of policies for urban planning in Smart Cities and to support two-way communication with large stakeholder groups.

How these objectives will be achieved?

Research on literature of governance processes for urban planning forms the basis to create Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCMs). The design of the tool interfaces will allow to model and visualize complex problems in Smart Cities. The FCMs will be implemented,  using Linked Open Data & Social Media.

Why does it matters?

Innovate and create FCMs providing new methods, sustainable tools and guidelines which improve efficiency and are tailored to the needs of involved stakeholders. Strengthen participation through involving citizens and further stakeholders in the policy decision making process through visualization of decision scenarios in an easy and comprehensive way. Rise awareness and create knowledge about societal and economic needs regarding sustainable mobility and new energy efficiency policies.

Who we are?

The consortium is an inter- and trans-disciplinary project team: 3 universities, 3 IT service & software engineering companies; 2 pilot cities – which combine different disciplines and knowledge: Danube University Krems (Project Coordinator), Delft University of Technology, Cyprus Univeristy of Technology, Active Solution AG, Interfusion Services Limited, Kenus Informatica, City of Limassol and City of Quart de Poblet.

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Book “Capitalizing on Creativity at Work” published

We are pleased to hear that the book Capitalizing on Creativity at Work edited by Miha Škerlavaj, Matej Cerne, Anders Dysvik, and Arne Carlsen was published on March 31, 2016. The Centre for E-Governance contributed with an article named “Government Ideation Systems” (co-authors Peter Parycek, Ralph Schöllhammer, Judith Schossböck).

This contribution addresses governmental approaches and modes of innovation in governance which can increase transparency, support common interests and collaboration with citizens and communities. The idea is that participation and collaboration in policy-making can foster innovation within the public sector. As in other areas, more and more governments are realizing the potential of connecting to ideas of people and communities by means of information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Find more information about the book on the following website: Capitalizing on Creativity at Work
The official online ebook version is: E-book site

Congratulations to the publishers!

#gov2vie – Raum Polaris, Kleiner Bär, Nachmittag


  1. #sma Salzburg macht auf und OurSpace (Jochen Höfferer) – Jugend-Partizipation auf EU-Ebene (Florian Sedy)
  2. Siedler*innen von Cagran. (Joachim Hackl & Thomas Amann)
  3. Data Literacy (Thomas Thurner)

1. Jochen Höfferer: #sma Salzburg macht auf

IMG_9205Slot D 13:45 – 14:30 Die Stadt Salzburg bemüht sich unter dieser Initiative um mehr Offenheit, die unter anderem mit einem Livestream oder der Veröffentlichung von Amtsberichten (Beschlussakten) gewährleistet werden soll. Dabei ist schon im Vorfeld die Tagesordnung einsehbar, sodass BürgerInnen sich schon vorher informieren können, was beschlossen werden soll. Dieses Prinzip soll auf alle Beschlüsse erweitert werden, wobei aber das Datenschutzgesetz im Weg steht. Daher wurde ein Gutachten von einem Datenschutzexperten in Auftrag gegeben. (more…)

Regulation watch (Workshop #bsis11)

Regulation watch is a platform designed to summarize latest events on internet governance and respective analysis. The platform does not exist yet but plans were discussed in a workshop of the #bsis11 Conference (Berlin Symposium on Internet and Society), where I participated in 2 sessions (Language on the Internet; Regulation Watch).

Regulation is used in a broad sense comprising governmental, intergovernmental and parliamentary initiatives. Watch is basically seen as monitoring activities. Regulation watch on the platform is currently focused on European and German developments and selected international aspects.