#CeDEM13 day 1, afternoon, Workshop: Evaluation/Success (..)

#CeDEM13 day 1, afternoon, Workshop: Evaluation/Success and Failure of eParticipation

Michael Sachs and Judith Schossboeck from the Centre of E-Governance are currently resposible for evaluation of a large-scale youth eParticipation project. In order to draw on expertise of the experts present at CeDEM13 and to refine the intended evaluation frameowork, a workshop was held. As introduction, the OurSpace project and the platform was introduced to the participants, and thereafter factors of success and failur of eParticipation projects were identified, both on a general level and with view to experience with own projects.

The following is a documentation of the parameters defined in the workshop as well as the discussion.



Factors of Success

  • The topic has to be relevant/of interest/need-based for the target group. A topic of contemporary conflict can sparkle interest.
  • User experience/usability and design
  • Continuous involvement of users in process (also in design)
  • Tools and devices:
    • Accessability – also related to device. Also mobile options should be provided.
    • convergence of devices/tools (not only one tool provided)
  • Commitment of the government/stakeholders/government inclusion
  • A clear picture of the effect and outcome/evidence of impact
    • Innovation aspect – added value of the project
  • Ask clear questions – not too complicated issue
  • Reach out: go where people already are
  • Target group:
    • Cool factor: related to target group
    • Clear picture of target group and their interests and values
    • consider costs of participation of user group: qualitative and quantitative
  • Benefits:
    • Financial beneftis of participation
    • Entertainment/games/gamification elements –>motivation
  • Transparency of the process and providers/initiators
  • Free dialoge and space for diversity (safe space)
  • Feedback/support provided