Workshop: Identity Management (ÖSD) #cedem16

We know your password! Do you?

In an afternoon workshop at CEDEM16 on identity management by the ÖSD (Austrian State Printing House), an overview on biometric authentication – not only as technologies valid for electronic participation.

These technologies usually develop exponentially. In the first phase of “deceptive disappointment”, nobody really believes in the technology, only after a tipping point is reached. From there, development usually is fast, reaching either a. disruptive stress or b. the level of opportunity (a development that can be compared to the one of the digital camera).

This is a questionnaire for participants, which you are also welcome to fill out:

Below a summary of the workshop.

What’s wrong with passwords?

There are three factors relevant in authentication: a. I know something (f.i. password) b. I have something (hardware token or mobile) c. I am something (f.i. biometrics). If more of these factors are needed, we call it multi-factor authentication (known already from Google). (more…)