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ICEGOV2016, Montevideo: Paper für Best Paper Award nominiert

Vom 1. bis 3. März 2016 fand in Montevideo (Uruguay) die ICEGOV2016 (International Conference on theory and practice of electronic governance) statt. Die jährliche Konferenzserie fokussiert auf die Nutzung von Technologie zur Transformation von Regierungen und deren Kontakt und Zusammenarbeit mit BürgerInnen, Unternehmen und anderen nichtstaatlichen AkteurInnen. Dieses Jahr stand unter dem Motto “Accountable Governance for 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda”.

Universitätsprofessor für E-Governance Dr. Peter Parycek präsentierte den Beitrag  “Each in Their Own Garden”. Obstacles for the Implementation of Open Government in the Public Sector of the German-speaking Region (Co-Autorschaft Ralph Schöllhammer und Judith Schossböck). Das Paper wurde als eines von drein aus mehr als 160 Einreichungen zum Best Paper Award nominiert. AutorInnen: Peter Parycek, Ralph Schöllhammer, Judith Schossböck. Hier ein Link zum Abstract.

Wir gratulieren den russischen Gewinnern!



Karine Nahon, Alon Peled, and Jennifer Shkabatur are winning the Best Paper Award #CeDEM15 #video


We congratulate the winners on the #CeDEM15 Best Paper Award: Karine Nahon, Alon Peled and Jennifer Shkabatur with their paper “Cities’ Open Government Data Heart Beat”


This is what the reviewers said about the paper:

“…it is clearly written, notable urges the right questions in current International transparency debates, has a clear written methodology and addresses interesting insights and discussion points.”

“…lies on real research and has a practical value……”

“…an innovative and really practical approach to measuring Openness…..”

“…provided a very valuable new methodology for measuring open government data at the level where it arguably matters most i.e. local”

“…not only interesting but extremely useful in terms of advancing best practice in the Open Data field.”


CeDEM14 Best Paper Award

We congratulate the winner (actually, winners as this was a joint paper) on the first CeDEM Best Paper Award:

Raimondo Iemma, Michele Osella and Federico Morando: “Breaking public administrations data silos: The case of Open-DAI, and a comparison between open data platforms.”



This is what the reviewers said about the paper:

„The papers says something which has not been said before. Furthermore, the comparison of open data portals functionality is a very valid actual use case many administrations and companies face today. It’s good to see an in-depth comparison so others can decide on quantitative and qualitative figures instead of picking automatically CKAN as the elephant in the room.“

„Benchmarking high-end solutions for todays problems was very useful and insightful to read.“

„The paper is “esthetically” well written, with good references, and presents a project (still ongoing: pilot services are being developed) for sure relevant: an open source platform designed to expose data as services, directly pulling from legacy databases of the data holder. The comparison with other platforms is well done.“

„Open data platforms are a very challenging area – both technically and politically – and this paper provides a good introduction to the main requirements for such platforms and an overview of different implementations“

„I chose this one as it addresses questions often put forward: which approach for OD to use and why.“