Anneke Zuiderwijk

#CeDEM13 day 1, afternoon, Workshop: E-infrastructures (..)

#CeDEM13 day 1, afternoon, Workshop:

E-infrastructures for open data

A workshop about the advantages and disadvantages of existing open data e-infrastructures that aim at improving the provision and use of open data.

Anneke Zuiderwijk , Keith Jeffery , Spiros Mouzakitis

The Engage project is an FP7 project, and aims to develop and use a data infrastrucure, going beyond PSI (public scctor information) resources. At the moment, the ENGAGE open data infrstructure is presented as the most open system.  ENGAGE is to bring together open government and publicly funded research dataset resources, intergate tools and use social networking services.The vision is to highly structure, easily link and easily link and easily process datasets. This workshop presents and discussses the beta version (version as of April 2013) of this infrastructure.

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#CeDEM13 day 1, morning, Track: Open Data, Transparency (..)


(Guerilla knitting by @anked still here from #CEDEM12 !! :-))

Here you’ll find minutes of the Open Data Session on the first day of CEDEM13. Presentations: 4. Room occupancy: full. Weather report: Lovely late morning sunshine.

Re-Designing Open Data 2.0

Alon Peled
At the moment, open data is moving forward. This contribution is dealing with a categorisation of criticism towars Open Data (named “Open Data 1.0 Criticism) like bad design or unrealistic goals, technology obsession etc. Beside the need of conceptualising this criticism, there is certainly a place for Open Data, but open does not neccessarily mean free. There could also be an intern arena created between agencies we have to be aware of. (more…)