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CeDEM14 Reflections

Reflections at CeDEM14

5 minutes per presentation on the following topics:

  • Open Data
  • E-Democracy
  • E-Participation
  • Open Access and Spatial Information

As well as

  • A PhD Paper
  • Two (unannounced) Stand-up

Read the summaries and view the presentations below!


Workshop on Open Gov Data Standardisation @Informatik2013

Promoting (meta)-data standards: the European Commission ISA Programme perspective

Vassilios Peristeras, European Commission, Programme Manager

The European Commission promotes interoperability with the Interoperability Solution for European Public Administration (ISA) programme. Within the context of this programme there are activities dedicated to semantic interoperability and metadata standardization. This includes work in the area of the Asset Description Metadata Schema, the Core Vocabularies and the DCAT Application Profile. Work currently done in this area will be presented as well as cases of practical implementation of semantic technologies by the public sector in Europe.


Parlamentarismus in der Informationsgesellschaft

(c) Erich Marschik

(c) Erich Marschik

Am Dienstag den 11. Juni 2013 verabschiedeten die LandtagspräsidentInnen aus Österreich, Deutschland und Südtirol in einer gemeinsamen Konferenz die sogenannte “Kremser Erklärung“.

Beratung und Begleitunterlage vom Zentrum für E-Governance

Das Zentrum für E-Governance war im Vorfeld durch den niederösterreichischen Landtag eingeladen worden, für die Erstellung der Erklärung, beratend tätig zu werden. Sie ist ein gemeinsames Bekenntnis der ParlamentarierInnen, BürgerInnen und insbesondere junge Menschen unter Nutzung moderner Informationstechnologien und in neuer Qualität zu informieren und zu beteiligen. (>> Direkt-Download der Kremser Erklärung PDF, 1,4MB – oder auf scribd ansehen/downloaden)

In diesem Kontext wurde auch eine Begleitunterlage zum Thema der Konferenz “Parlamentarismus und Bürgerbeteiligung in der modernen Informationsgesellschaft erstellt (>> Direkt-Download der Begleitunterlage, PDF,  1,6 MB), die den LandtagspräsidentInnen aus Österreich, Deutschland und Südtirol im Rahmen der Konferenz von Peter Parycek, Leiter des Zentrums für E-Governance an der Donau-Universität Krems, vorgestellt wurde.

Diskutiert wurden Fragen wie: Führt die Technologisierung zu einer Stärkung der Demokratie und des Parlamentarismus? Wird sich Parlamentarismus vor diesem Hintergrund verändern – und wie könnte dieser Wandel gestaltet werden? (more…)

Summary #CeDEM13

The CeDEM13 call promised “networking, great keynotes, good food” (see www.donau-uni.ac.at/cedem). And we delivered: the CeDEM13 presented keynotes by Beth Noveck, Karine Nahon, John Carlo Bertot and Tiago Peixoto. Presenters and attendees came from 23 countries, allowing for interesting converstations and networking opportuniteis. And the food? Well, the social dinner was a delicious success, held at the Late Brasserie overlooking the Danube.

So this was CeDEM13. But we still have a little bit more on offer.

We blogged throughout the whole conference, and the digitalgovernment blog gives you a summary of all the CeDEM13 sessions (includes photos, presentations and further material). If you want to actually see what it was like, take a look here:

You need more? Yes, of course.

  • This is the overview to the 2,5 CeDEM13 days (CeDEM13 program_final.pdf).
  • If you want to know more about CeDEM13, and the relevant content use the tag cedem13.
  • But  if you just want to have a look about what our 4 Keynotes had to say, use our tag cedem13 keynotes;
  • If you want to read about the sessions on Day 1 (2013, May 22nd), use the tag cedem 13 day 1;
  • For the session on Day 2 (2013, May 23rd) use the tag cedem 13 day 2;
  • And for the session on Day 3 (2013, May 23rd) use the tag cedem 13 day 3;
  • If you want to look at the pictures, find them in our CeDEM13 flickr Album;

The CeDEM13 proceedings will soon be available online (OA) as a pdf, and in book format by the end of summer. We will let you know – so come back!

It was a pleasure meeting you all in Krems, and we hope you enjoyed the CeDEM13 conference! Are you interested in CeDEM14?

CeDEM14 will be held 21-23 May 2014 in Krems – more details to be found on our website www.donau-uni.ac.at/cedem stay tuned  via Twitter  or sign up for our newsletter.

If you can’t make it then, join us for the CeDEM-Asia in autumn 2014 in Hong Kong (dates to be announced).

* JeDEM Open Access E-Journal: Call for Papers – submit a paper of your work until 17th June 2013. Focus of the next issue: Transformation of Citizenship and Governance –  special Asia focus. For more inforamtion please contact us here.

And last but not least – Peter Paryceks closing presentation:

Peter’s final question and remark: “What would Max Webe do? See you @CeDEM14 in Krems”

#CeDEM13 Day 3, PhD Colloquium

#CeDEM13 Day 3, PhD Colloquium, SE 3.5, Chair: Peter Parycek, Christina Hainzl

Anja Adler

Liquid Democracy-Norm, Code and Developers of Democracy beyond Representation

Jorge Francisco Aguirre-­Sala

The Limits of Political Participation and Electronic Platforms (more…)