Open Call for Submissions to JeDEM

The Open Access eJournal of eDemocracy and Open Government (JeDEM) provides a platform for all those interested in discussing issues and challenges that governments, public administrations and societies face today. JeDEM is free of charge (fair Open Access), offers a quick publishing process, and comprehensive indexing for articles (see below).

We look forward to submissions that draw from different methods and theoretical lenses, including critical studies.The journal editors encourage transdisciplinarity, unconventional ideas and multiple perspectives, and aim to connect leading thinkers and young scholars in inspiring reflections. JeDEM is an innovative journal that welcomes submissions from all disciplines and approaches.

Submissions can be made to the following topics, but are not limited to:

  •     Policy and Legislation
  •     Political Science
  •     Business Information Technology
  •     Business and Economy
  •     Cyberpsychology
  •     Usability
  •     eDemocracy
  •     eSociety
  •     eGovernment
  •     eParticipation
  •     eVoting

The journal promotes contributions within an emerging science of the information age following the highest standards of peer review.

We publish theoretical, practical and empirical research as research papers (peer-reviewed), project descriptions and reflections (based on editors’ decision). Reflections can relate to current issues, literature reviews, reviews of books, comments on articles, discussions, interviews, etc. that are related to the journal’s mission. We aim to foster discourse, so feedback for reflections is welcome.

All published articles can be commented by readers (If you want to make a comment, register as a reader and then use the “add comment” section that is visible at the right-hand side of the abstract of a paper).

As we are an online only publication, authors can expect a rapid publishing process. Given positive reviews, submissions received in autumn 2019 will still be published in 2019.

Why publish with JeDEM?

*Open access*: JeDEM publishes your work free from access barriers, allowing for global distribution and more citations.

*Free of charge*: Submitting to and publishing in JeDEM is not tied to any processing charges or APCs (fair Open Access).

*Peer-reviewed*: JeDEM offers a rigorous double-blind peer-review for research articles by experts in the field.

*Rapid publishing process*: JeDEM offers a quick online publishing process while maintaining high academic standards. We aim for a one-month peer review period and publish two issues per year.

*Ongoing submissions*: You can submit to JeDEM throughout the year.

*Copyright*: JeDEM content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Austria (CC BY 3.0), allowing for distribution of your work.

*Archiving policies*: You can deposit your paper in any repository or archive, and post articles on your personal or institutional websites.

*Indexing*: Once published, your article will be comprehensively indexed within EBSCO, DOAJ, Google scholar, and the Public Knowledge Project metadata harvester. We will soon also be indexed within Scopus.

*DOIs*: Each article is identified with a DOI (Digital Object Identifier).

*Post-publication statistics*: Metrics shown with each article make it easy to check how often your paper is being downloaded via JeDEM’s website and how often it is being mentioned and shared through social media.

*Add supplementary material*: You can make data sets, protocols, large illustrations, videos, questionnaires etc. available to readers alongside your article.

*Established journal within the e-governance and e-democracy community*: JeDEM is recognized within the scientific community and supported by leading scholars in the field.

*Paper categories and re-use policy*: JeDEM also accepts submissions in the categories project descriptions and reflections. These sections are not peer-reviewed and can be extended and re-used for further publication, e.g. as regular peer-reviewed journal article.

We look forward to your contribution! Submit your article under!

Noella Edelmann and Judith Schoßböck

(Managing Editors)

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