EGOV-CeDEM-ePART 2018: Keynote Wolfgang Drechsler

Look further than the western public administration.
“Estonia has turned its government into a website” – but this is not true. EE is not a world leader, it is doing very well, but it is not number 1. Important from drawing lessons.

Number one is part of the malayian peninsula (Singapore)
Why does Estonia oversell? The push-pull factors, not only what you are saying, but what people want to hear.

5 questions to Wolfgang Drechsler with Noella Edelmann

Wolfgang Drechsler
Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation & Governance (Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia)

Wolfgang Drechsler is Professor of Governance at the Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia. He has been advisor to the President of Estonia, Executive Secretary with the German Wissenschaftsrat during German Reunification, and, as an APSA Congressional Fellow, Senior Legislative Analyst in the United States Congress. His areas of interest include Public Administration, Technology, and Innovation; Non-Western Public Administration, especially Confucian and Buddhist, and Public Management Reform generally, as well as e-Governance, Municipal Autonomy, and Academic Administration.

EGOV-CeDEM-ePART 2018 Summary

EGOV-CeDEM-ePart 2018 represented the merge of the IFIP WG 8.5 Electronic Government (EGOV), the IFIP WG 8.5 IFIP Electronic Participation (ePart) and the Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government Conference (CeDEM). The conference was held annually, and was hosted 3-5 September 2018 at the Danube University Krems in Austria.

Website and Tracks
Conference Program (PDF)


Download: EGOV-CeDEM-ePART 2018 Magazine!
View: EGOV-CeDEM-ePART 2018 Summary (issuu)

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