Dave Karpf in 10 sentences #CeDEM17

Dave Karpf is one of our keynote-speaker at the CeDEM17 at the Danube University Krems in May 2017.  We asked him to send us 10 sentences about his keynote, his expectations of CeDEM17 and his vision of the future.

CeDEM17 – International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2017 (17.05-19.05.2017)
Registration open

Dave Karpf is associate professor and director of graduate studies at the George Washington University School of Media & Public Affairs. His primary research focus is on how the internet is changing civil society organizations and large-scale movements for political change. He is the author of The MoveOn Effect: The Unexpected Transformation of American Political Advocacy (Oxford University Press, 2012) and Analytic Activism: Digital Listening and the New Political Strategy (Oxford University Press, 2016). He also writes about technology, politics, and strategy for a wide range of outlets.

Image: private
Twitter: twitter.com/davekarpf

What are the main assets of your keynote?
What are your expectations of CeDEM17?
What is your vision of the future?

  1. Digital media not only creates new forms of political speech, it also enables new types of listening.
  2. The use of data analytics for listening is changing democratic institutions, allowing them to measure public sentiment in new ways.
  3. This is particularly noteworthy in the area of political activism.
  4. “Netroots” activist organizations now use digital listening to set up testing and learning routines that help surface innovative new tactics and strategies.
  5. But digital listening/analytics also comes with a set of biases that can warp political power if misapplied.
  6. We need to understand both the promise and the limitations of these new communications tools.
  7. In the digital age, the organizations that build the greatest power will be the organizations that do the best job of intelligently harnessing digital listening and testing.
  8. I expect CeDEM17 will be a robust and enlightening discussion of how digital media is being used in the transformation of government and politics.
  9. I am hopeful that we will discuss both the promises and the pitfalls of e-democracy and open government.
  10. I expect that politics will remain frustrating, challenging, and complicated in the future, and that the affordances of digital media will be both an asset and a liability.

CeDEM17 – International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2017 (17.05-19.05.2017)
Registration open

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