Keren Flavell: #CeDEM17 in 10 sentences

Keren Flavell is one of our keynote-speaker at the CeDEM17 at the Danube University Krems in May 2017.  We asked her to send us 10 sentences about her keynote, her expectations of CeDEM17 and her vision of the future.

CeDEM17 – International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2017 (17.05-19.05.2017)
Registration open

Keren Flavell (TownHall App Pty Ltd, US) on “Reinvigorating the Role of Media to Educate and Engage Citizens”
Keren is an award-winning web producer, author, speaker and strategist. She is internationally recognized as a global thought leader and digital innovator with more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry focusing on community, content and connection via advanced digital platforms. Her company pioneered connection between the virtual / in-world experience with live streaming and content distribution to hundreds of thousands of viewers — virtual and real-worlds alike. Keren has spoken on virtual worlds and social entrepreneurism at SXSW, AIMIA Conference, IAP2, Adelaide Futureproof and is a frequent blogger and talk show host Byte Into It — a technology talk show out of Melborne, Australia. Keren works between Ho Chi Minh City, San Francisco and Melbourne as a producer, consultant and serial entrepreneur and when in the right time zone, she really knows how to throw an amazing party.

What are the main assets of your keynote?
What are your expectations of CeDEM17?
What is your vision of the future?

  1. Most public engagement techniques are complex or obscure, resulting in low participation.
  2. The silent majority are too busy to commit the effort required, so they are drowned out by the loud minority.
  3. There’s widespread mistrust that government will act upon input from the community.
  4. The misuse of psychographics and algorithms for political influence makes it critical for traditional media to act as guardians of democracy.
  5. We are presenting a new model for mass participation by invigorating the role of local media.
  6. Political debate can learn from sports and gaming to be better at attracting and keeping attention.
  7. We want to explore how public opinion insights can guide actions by decision-makers.
  8. We want to understand how to support the cultural shift in making more transparent and collaborative decisions in government
  9. Exercising the muscle of citizen participation will lead to deeper levels of deliberation on issues.
  10. Creating a more open platform for discussion and debate will grow trust amongst citizens that their voices make a difference.

CeDEM17 – International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2017 (17.05-19.05.2017)
Registration open

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