CeDEM Asia 2016, Keynote 2nd Day

Keynote 2nd Day

Michael Best: Gender, Peace & Data: ICTD Research and the United Nation (United Nations University)

2016-12-08 12.14.00.jpg

The United Nations University is a young institution headquartered in Tokyo, and in Macau the focus is on research output and policy impact, focused on UN member organisations and member states. The university is currently in start-up mode 🙂 and includes an interdisciplinary team from computer to social scientists.

The university has a Gender Lab, focusing on promoting women’s empmowerment, gender equality and enabling sustainable community led development, but also an LGBTQIA project has been envisaged.The Small Data Lab seeks to inform the top-down UN data approach and to focus on ICTs that create actionable knowledge from local data. Emerging projects deal with digital peacekeeping, the wisdom of multiple crowds during critical events and psychological wellbeing of individuals in societies in transition. Going beyond social media analytics tools, one future research focus will be on multiple crowds and trans-media processes. One idea is to promote peaceful elections by using technology, monitoring messages in the Ghana National Election.

The Digital Peacekeeping project explores a variety of projects to enhance the work of UN peacekeeping forces with modern ICTs and innovations. The average peacekeeper has 4 phones in their pockets, however most do not carry all of them. Proejcts on peacekeepers (in Mali) showed that women do not carry TETRA radios because they were not attractive (not small, too heavy, bad power performance; whereas 60% of men carry the TETRA emergency radio).


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