JeDEM Call for Papers: Special Issue 1/2016: Open and Visual Access to Information


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Guest Editors

  • Dimitris Gouscos, Department of Communication and Media Studies, University of Athens
  • Thomas J. Lampoltshammer, Department for E-Governance and Administration, Danube University Krems
  • Michael Leitner, Department of Geography and Anthropology, Louisiana State University

In our current era, data-driven approaches influence all aspects of daily life. The fast and effective handling of these data is a crucial point of keeping our society working. Yet, the sheer amount of data being produced even at this very moment is often to big to be interpreted and understood in a correct and timely fashion. It is this complexity and criticality that renders the usability and accessibility of data and the inherent information even more important.

In this context, the special issue on Open and Visual Access to Information of the JeDEM Journal for eDemocracy invites submissions dedicated, but not limited to, the following topics:


Cloud and network analytics
Predictive analytics
Real-time analytics
Monitoring and measurements of ICT infrastructures
Distributed data analytics architectures
Theory and algorithms for scalable descriptive statistical modeling
Theory and algorithms of scalable predictive statistical modeling
Scalable analytics techniques for spatio-temporal data
Scalable data analytics algorithms in large graphs
Quality of open data and standards
Institutionalisation of open data and project descriptions


Emerging techniques, forms and tools for information visualization
From expert to crowd-sourced visualizations of information
Digital tools for engaging public input
Cloud computing as an infrastructure for information visualization
Data design for open and visual access
Visual communication and graphic design
Data visualization in journalism and citizen communication
Case studies of open data visualization


From official legal sources to crowd-sourced legal information
Standardization efforts for open legal information and legal data
Emerging techniques for legal information visualization
Legal information design for open and visual access
New sources of legal information: social media, smart phones, sensors, IoT
Taxonomic approaches to legal information, from texts to (big) data
Open access to legal information as a catalyst for citizen empowerment
Open access to legal information as an asset for entrepreneurship

Author guidelines

Length of paper: 7,500-12,000 words, all drafts have to be typed double-spaced, the format has to be Word for processing reasons.

Submission deadline: 10 June 2016
End of peer review: 10 July 2016
Editorial decisions: 20 July 2016
Publication: 31 October 2016

Further Information:
JeDEM: Full Call of Papers

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