“Experience-based Design in Open Government” – Marijn Janssen at #CeDEM15 #Keynote #Video

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To evaluate the impact of a design, experienced-based design is needed. Marijn Janssen presents several open data solutions with experience-based design – which also means understanding what users want, making it easy for them to navigate in solutions and to get the benefits.

#CeDEM15 Keynote
“Experience-based Design in Open Government”
Marijn Janssen
Professor in ICT & Governance and head of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Delft University of Technology

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In the field of design science, there are many approaches available, emphasising creativity, interactive design, variety of and diverse imputs etc. But why do projects often fail, or what makes design so hard? According to Janssen, many think they understand citizens, who are completely different at the end, or their needs change. Public servants representing citizens’ needs is a problem. Antoher one is that there is no infrastructure foundation, and people are trying to reinvent the wheel. 

smartcityapp.nl – Energy data in Amsterdam
http://zonatlas.nl/ – looking at whether cvitizens’ roofs are ready for solar cells.

According to Janssen, there is no “typical user”: they are heterogeneous, however need to be central. Often developers expect users to have the time, to be critical, to contribute to social value etc. In contrast users expect an easy to understand soluation, do not understand their needs, that value is provided to them etc. (see the slide with the penguins 🙂 ). Janssen also emphasises interdisciplinary knowledge and the importance of making prototypes.

Projects should also be realistic and not exaggerate the benefits. On the example of a solution that lets people measure pollution, it is important to convey what will be going on with the collected data (and to make it intentional). Jansson emphasises that we should put citizens central and not politicians (“keep them out”) and to understand user behaviour by making design tangable and involving a small number of users first.

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