CeDEM15, Day 2, Talks and Workshops

Enhancing Social Accountability Through ICTs: Sucess Factors and Challenges – Wairagala Wakabi, Ake Grönlund

Challenges facing ICT

Challenges facing ICT

What is the state of citizen participation in public accountability processes via Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)? Which projects use ICT to report public service delivery failures in Uganda, mainly in the education, public health and the roads sectors? Common factors of ICT use for citizens’ monitoring of public services and eParticipation in general were presented, as well as factors that enable successful whistle blowing using toll free calling, blogging, radio talk shows, SMS texting and e-mailing were presented. The presentation displayed examples of the positive impacts of whistle-blowing mechanisms and a list of success factors applicable to these projects.

Open Access, Open Collaborative Government and Social Media for Public Administration were discussed in following talks:

    • Enabling Accessible Knowledge – Sarven Capadisili, Reinhard Riedl, Sören Auer
    • Transparancy and Open Government: Reporting on the Disclosure of Information – Victoria Lemieux, Stephanie Trapnell
    • Advancing Online Citizen Participation and Engagement: A Case study in Public Housing Services – Bojan Cestnik, Alenka Kern
    • Through Space and Time: Using Mobile Apps for Urban Participation – Carolin Schröder
Transparancy and Open Government

Transparancy and Open Government

The workshop Perspectives on Electronic Identity Applications in Online Engagement – Michael Sachs, Judith Schoßböck, Bettina Rinnerbauer, was designed to presented and discuss applications of electronic identities and electronic participation in order to develop an e-participation ecosystems that allow users to engage with various identities on different e-participation levels.

Electronic Identity

Electronic Identity

Different Share-PSI Talks and Plenums were hold on turning data back into information, data banks, open data and business, the quality of open data and open data certificates, as well as activities, challanges and best practices on open data.



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