CEDEM Share PSI Workshop

CeDEM-Share-PSI Workshop, SE 1.4 Context – Specific Critical Success Factors for Open Data Publication and Use (Anneke Zuiderwijk, Iryna Susha, Yannis Charalabidis, Peter Parycek, Marijn Janssen)

This workshop started a year ago from the idea that certain success factors only apply to certain contexts or countries. Participants of the workshop came from a wide variety of open data activities and initiatives, apart from the PSI one. In previous research a generic list of open data success factors were defined: 1. quality of open data publication, 2. the use of open data and 3. emerging impacts and benefits. Based on a literature research there were only 3 publications dealing with evaluation of success factors, and researchers tried to categorise the areas of CSF (critical success factors). The idea behind this is that categorising CSF can help understand and manage them better.In the workshop. participants provided input how the CSF depends on the contextual factors, f.i. the level of the open data initiative. Another assumption is that CSF depend on the type of data that is published, so CSF could be defined by, f.i., industry. The workshop also looked at how CSF can depend on the stage of a initiative.

The results of the workshop will be used as a pilot for a full-scale international survey of open data initiatives and some aspects of the questions will be re-defined after feedback from participants.


 #examtime #cedem15

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