HICSS-49 E-Government Track: ‘Policies and Strategies for Digital Government’

HICSS - 49th E-GovernmentTrack

HICSS – 49th E-GovernmentTrack

This minitrack offers a multidisciplinary forum to present cases and discuss theories associated with the design, management and evaluation of the policies and strategies deployed to support, facilitate and promote digital government. The HICSS minitrack on Policies and Strategies for Digital Government invites submissions that contribute to the analysis of the challenges faced by governments when formulating e-government policies. Specifically the minitrack focuses on the effects of ICT implementations which are designed to transform government organisations, public sector management and the functioning of public institutions in general. We invite and encourage the submission of case studies which demonstrate best practices in the design, management and evaluation of e-government policies and strategies. In addition to intra government policies, the minitrack welcomes contributions exploring the issues associated with the design and deployment of policies and strategies that change the nature of the interactions between government and citizens, private sector organisations and NGOs.

Minitrack topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Policy and governance challenges arising from the adoption of ICTs in public administration at the local, state, and national level
  • Policies and strategies for promoting e-Democracy
  • Policies and strategies for encouraging e-Participation
  • e-Government and e-Procurement policies strategies
  • e-Government outsourcing strategies in the public sector
  • Public policy issues and e-Government
  • Policy and governance challenges arising from public sector ICT deployment in developing countries
  • The impact on ICT on government set up, roles, and responsibilities
  • The impact of open data on government policies and strategies
  • The impact of ICT on law and legal system in public sector
  • The impact of big and open data on privacy and data protection policies and strategies

The HICSS e-Government Track has assumed an excellent reputation among e-Government scholars. In a recent study it has been ranked the academically most rigorous and most valuable research conference on e-Government in the world. The E-Government Track has the lowest acceptance rate of all HICSS tracks and the highest average per-session attendance. Having a paper accepted at the e-Gov Track at HICSS means something. Furthermore, HICSS is in the top 2 percent of all IEEE conferences with regards to proceedings hits and paper downloads.

Further Information:
Policies and Strategies

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