The power of … open data!

Do you like inspiring interviews and talks?

You need to listen to Nigel Shadbolt on BBC Radio 4!


Jim Al-Khalili is the presenter of the show ‘The Life Scientific’ on BBC Radio 4 and talks to leading scientists about their work, finding out what motivates them and asking what their discoveries might do for mankind.

During the interview Nigel Shadbolt speaks about his research and what led him into the topics of Artificial Intelligence, Open Data and E-Government:

  • What are the differences in human intelligence and machines/software programs?
  • How can human expertise be implemented in computer programs and what are the limits of machines?
  • What are the differences in data, information and knowledge?
  • What are the opportunities around Open Data and which value does it have?
  • How can we put research and practice together in E-Government projects?
  • What is his secret power to bridge the gap between academics and political decision makers?

Take some time – listen to this inspiring interview – find the answers – and more on these topics!


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