@Share­PSI 2.0 workshop co-­located @CeDEM15


First, what is Share­PSI 2.0?

SharePSI is a Thematic European Network exchanging experience and ideas around open data and public sector information (PSI) policies in the public sector. The main objective is to develop best practices and requirements related to the publication and usage of data and information on the Web. Technical good practice will be considered for publication as a W3C recommendation of the data on the web working group.

How does exchanging experience and ideas look like?

Share­PSI 2.0 is organising a series of workshops, each focussing on a different aspect of open data and public sector information. During workshops, PSI stakeholders as well as project partners will present case studies, good practice and results of open data projects and PSI publication attempts. Based on their lessons learned, future data and information providers as well as consumers will avoid common pitfalls to realise the promised benefits of economic growth and increased levels of transparency.

Interview Dr. Johann Höchtl from noel on Vimeo.

Who is/can work in the Share­PSI 2.0?

Government departments, standards bodies, academic institutions, commercial organisations, trade associations, interest groups and data startups.

Why should you take part in Share PSI 2.0?

You want to

  • … solve practical and technical challenges of open data standards
  • … share your experiences and lessons learned of open data projects
  • … want to contribute good practice and/or requirements of open data projects and PSI publication
  • … work on the topic of self­sustaining business models for open data and PSI

How to take part @CeDEM15 workshop “A self sustaining business model for open data”?

  • Share your best practice: http://goo.gl/ZgYVxQ
  • Lead or attend a session: http://goo.gl/YlPIkL
  • Submit a paper for plenary: via e­mail to johann.hoechtl@donau­uni.ac.at (maximum of 5 pages, a non­proprietary format like HTML, PDF, ePub etc.)
  • Pitch a barcamp session: requires no action now; you will present your barcamp suggestions to the audience during day 1 of the workshop
  • Call for collocation: Share­PSI 2.0 partners encourage other groups to propose sessions and meetings

Where to get more information?

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