Utopia Internet @Symposion Dürnstein 2015

The 4th Symposion Dürnstein 2015, on the 19th-21th Feb. 2015
Glücksbilder. Die Wirklichkeit der Utopien‘, was dedicated to current topics around utopias. National and international experts from the fields of economy, natural science, philosophy, theology, sociology discussed alternative visions and concepts of society – its utopias and dystopias and the role of power, people and systems in them.

Peter Parycek delivered a talk about the Utopia Internet and Freedom.

Technology to spread knowledge to the mass of people developed in the last centuries. The article ‘Utopia and Liberty’ describes similarities of printing-press and Internet, according to freedom of press and speech. Different technological developments in mass communication have important effects on individuals and states – but they are not only liberating. A short historical overview of different technologies, and the reaction of individuals and states to them, gives an impression about advantages and disadvantages of the Utopia of liberating communication forms.

Read more about this in the conference proceedings. We will let you know, as soon as thy are online.

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