JeDEM Vol 6 No 3 is out!

jedem logoWe have already published two issues this year, but we are happy to present another issue of JeDEM – just in time as a perfect reading for the holidays! This issue comprises „ongoing submissions“ of 2014: Did you know that authors can submit to one of the thematic calls, but also as „ongoing“ submissions, that is, not in response to a specific call? And did you know that you can comment on articles?

This 3rd issue of JeDEM 2014 presents papers that range from the analysis of the perception of political candidates‘ personality over a comparision of ‚open government‘ definitions to a case study of the EU project MyUniversity.

If you consider submitting to our journal throughout the year („ongoing submissions“), here’s some more information on the scope: 

The open access of JeDEM provides a platform for all those interested in discussing issues and challenges democratic societies face today. It promotes contributions within an emerging science of the information age following the highest standards of peer review. It is a journal that focuses on

  • Policy and Legislation
  • Political Science
  • Business Information Technology
  • Business and Economy
  • Cyberpsychology
  • Usability
  • eDemocracy
  • eSociety
  • eGovernment
  • eParticipation
  • eVoting

with a special interest in critical studies in these thematic fields.

We are looking forward to receiving your submission.

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