Panel: Open Data Asia – Moving Beyond First Principles

Panelists: Jamie K. Wardman (Chair), Clkao, Lei Zheng, Gao Feng, Darcy W. Christ

CeDEM Asia 2014 Panel Open Data Asia

Extract: [T]he Panel Discussion brings together speakers, including open data researchers, practitioners and advocates working in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and Indonesia, to consider the ‘state of the art’ of open data in Asia with presentations and debate adding much needed first-hand practical insights. Particularly, the Panel Discussion speakers will draw from a range of international examples and perspectives on the generation and release of open data from across Asia, looking back at what lessons have been learned in their personal experience so far, and offer further suggestions for navigating the road ahead. The Panel Discussion will therefore help to identify for instance the public value of different open data projects in Asia, highlight what barriers still need to be overcome, and put forward views and recommendations for improving future open data practices and benchmarking its provision. This will be followed by a chaired interactive debate between panellists, including questions and discussion with audience members.

Key questions informing this Panel Discussion will include:

  • What is the current state of open data in your region?
  • What would you consider to be the main successes of open data and what are the main drivers of that success?
  • How aware and engaged are government, industry, citizens and other stakeholders about the provision and added value of open data in your region?
  • What problems are commonly encountered with opening data, and what barriers need to be overcome for its greater utilisation?
  • What key changes could improve the open data landscape in your region and what is needed to support that change?

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