Keynote: Policy-Driven Electronic Governance

Tomasz Janowski is the founding head of the United Nations University Operating Unit on Policy-Driven Electronic Governance (UNU-EGOV), located in Guimaraes, Portugal.

CeDEM Asia 14 Tomasz

Abstract: Policy-Driven Electronic Governance (EGOV) captures an idea that through the appropriate use of digital technology we can transform the working of government organizations and how they interact with citizens, businesses and other arms of government in order to achieve a variety of high-value public policy goals. Such goals include the delivery of better public services, public administration reform, engagement of citizens in government decision-making, and increased performance of public policies in health, education, security, employment and other sectors. This lecture will outline the evolution of government’s use of digital technology and introduce Policy-Driven EGOV as the latest phase in this evolution. To this end, the lecture will propose: 1) a conceptual model for Policy-Driven EGOV, 2) evidence of emerging presence of Policy-Driven EGOV among national EGOV strategies, 3) challenges in progressing from EGOV to Policy-Driven EGOV, and 4) a research and policy agenda for building a foundation for this new phase.

Notes: Changes in government are driven by many different factors. In a globalised world, the pressure to change and innovate reaches governments in general (e.g global crisis). Governments answer to this pressure also with disruptive technologies. Looking at the key strategies of different governments, one can see the different foci set: Connected governance, participatory governance, mobile government, global eGovernance, local eGovernance. Policy driven eGovernment needs to address specific needs in special environment, being for instance local/regional/national in specific sectors such as eHealth/Information etc. Transition challenges include the need for better research to understand the local and sectorial aspects. Partnerships with universities and their input in policies can increase the quality of applications that are gradually more purpose oriented. The keynote ends with an outlook to post-2015 developments.

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