Panel: Crowdsourcing Logistics

Title: Crowdsourcing logistics OR The role of open data, citizen participation and social media in enabling ethical food systems and reducing food waste: Surplus food practices as commons

Panel Crowdsourcing

Organised and moderated by Melissa Cate Christ and Daisy Tam

Notes: Hong Kong has a very lively food culture as it is known for its great variation and high quality of food. Based on the lack of free land space, 10 % of Hong Kong’s food comes from the area of Hong Kong itself, mostly fish. Food comes from external places and it is delivered by ship, planes or via the main land. Considering that Hong Kong throws away an extremely high amount of food, there is the potential to increase the efficiency of the distribution system.

1/3 of solid waste in Hong Kong is food. Due to this high amount of waste, the government has called for stopping food waste. One problem of the food waste is that Hong Kong doesn’t have waste charges, so the cheapest and easiest solution to get rid of waste is to simply throw it away. Hong Kong has the highest Gini-Index in industrial states and 1 in 5 lives in poverty and 1 in 3 doesn’t get enough nutritional needs. Consequently, the panel discusses if there was a possibility to make a better food distribution in order to decrease food poverty.

There are organisations that collect old food from restaurants, food stores, etc. They use this food and produce nutritious meals that they distribute through other charities to those people in need of it. As there is high demand for such organisations, the panel asks the question, if the re-distribution of waste-food can be more efficient through the use of open data. Could open data be used to make match volunteers and tasks in order the help the food distribution? …

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