Summer School – Support Young Researchers

For one week in March 2014 the first Summer School for ICT4Democracy will take place in New Delhi. ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) are central for the development of democracies and civic participation. About 30 Master and PhD students have been selected on the basis of the quality of their research. They are coming from 15 different countries, among them are many developing countries, such as Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkmenistan or Egypt. The Centre for E-Governance at Danube University Krems is part of the Summer School with providing expertise (workshop) and the mentoring of students.


We need your help!

We want to provide free accommodation, food and ground transportation for our summer school students. To be able to do this, we need your help to raise 6500 US-Dollars. We have started a campaign here – every dollar counts! We have approached a number of institutions and have received funding for the keynote lecturers. However, there seems to be no money available to support the participating students. Help us help our young researchers.

Every contribution counts and the perks illustrate how we intend to thank you for your generosity.

The use of online platforms in encouraging participation and democratization is becoming commonplace – not just in theory. Employing a platform such as this for raising funds for the participation of our young researchers further underscores the impact ICTs can have in today`s society.

And it is also still possible to apply for the summer school and hand in a last minute abstract!

Thank you! The summer school organisation team



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