#cedem13 Day 3, Open Space

The open space provides a space for participants to present their ideas, topics and organise their own sessions. The following project were discussed in detail:

Johnstone Baguma & Milton Aineruhanga


This project uses ICT to empower citizens in East Africa. The network consists of 7 partners. The project focuses on including women and young people into decisions taken in the political and societal sphere.

Anneke Zuiderwijk & Keith Jeffery


The ENGAGE project (FP7) aims to provide an infrastrucure for open, linked governmental data to be used both by citizens and the research community. The platform is currently in beta status and feedback from the CeDEM13 conference will be included in further development.

CeDEM13, day 2

find more pictures on flickr

Peter Gregson

Whistleblowing in Public Authorities and Mismanagement of Public Projects and Public Funds

KidsNotSuits is a website that focuses on gighting corruption and mismanagement in public bodies and public project. The discussion addressed varius aspects of the problem and different approaches to solutions in different countries were discusses.

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