Welcome to #CeDEM13!


Welcome to CeDEM13!

Today the CeDEM13 will be opened by Dr. Victoria Weber, Vice-Rector of t he Danube University Krems, and the first day includes our keynotes Beth Noveck (New York University and MIT, founder of the White House Open Government Initiatitve) and Tiago Peixoto (World Bank, Washington), 4 sessions (E-Democracy and E-Participation; Open data, Transparency and Open Innovation; E-Demopcracy and E-Politics, Open data and Open Collaborative Government) as well as 2 workshops (Evaluation of E-Participation Projects; E-Infrastructure for Open data).

You can also follow (and use!) our hashtag #CeDEM13 on Twitter or take a view at our pictures on flickr. If you made pictures yourself, please add them to our flickr group, we would appreciate it very much! :))

Berichte von der #CeDEM13 anderswo:

Ulla Ebner – Size doesn’t matter: Über Wunsch und Wirklichkeit von E-Partizipation

Ulla Ebner – E-Partizipation: The Next Generation. Interview mit Beth Noveck

Enjoy the conference!

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