Welcome to OurSpace Austria!

Right before the general election in Austria in September 2013, the Austrian pilot of OurSpace launches to discuss topics relevant for Austrian youth and to vote on proposals to get your ideas across to politicians and decision makers.

What other people say

A topic relevant for net politics is data security. In Austria as in many other European countries, people have been protesting against data prevention and other regulations. It is said that youth nowadays has a different view on data protection and privacy, as they use the internet on a daily basis and in a more transparent way, some even claiming the area of privacy is somewhat outdated. Do you agree?

Listen to Andreas from Austria and what he says about data prevention, privacy and about doing politics online:

And here is other people from the pilot countries talking about the topics they want to see on OurSpace:

Why participate?

The best argument is: If democracy does not exist, you are not free!

Have your say and join us now!

4 phases of discussion

All topics at OurSpace follow a 4-step discussion process: In phase 1, users vote on topic proposals. In phase 2, people share their ideas, discuss options and come up with proposals or solutions. In phase 3, users vote on proposals and phase 4 is a summary of these results which is communicated to the relevant EU decision makers.

One European level, we just started a new thread about what would make Europe better for young people. Let us know your opinion here. On OurSpace, there are topics both on the EU and the Austrian level to vote for. Start your own thread yourself!

There have been already some fruitful discussions on the platform, for instance related to a referendum about the traditional conscription in Austria. The results of this thread can be seen here.

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