CeDEM12: Conference Programme

Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2012

Danube University Krems, Austria
3-4 May 2012




CeDEM is the leading European conference for e-democracy and open government. The international conference analyses digital society in context of democracy, government and business. The conference programme (all presentations and workshops) is available at the conference website.

Keynotes 2012:

  • Anke Domscheit-Berg (OpenGov.me, DE)
  • Arthur Lupia (University of Michigan, US)
  • Ralph Schröder (Oxford Internet Institute, UK)

More than 100 participants from 35 countries participated in the conference in 2011. The conference proceedings from last year are freely accessible on the conference website.

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Session: E-Participation
* eParticipation that works
* Real Name Policy in E-Participation
* Speaking Danish in Japan: Good practice lessons to learn and emulate

Session: Bottom-Up Movements
* What kind of activist are you?
* SADproject.tv
* Role of social media in political mobilization in Russia

Session: Citizens Inclusion
* Bringing Citizens Opinions to Members of Parliament
* Towards budget transparency and improvement in the South Kivu Province
* The impact of public transparency in fighting corruption: A study in Brazilian municipalities e-government Province

Session: E-Politics and E-Campaigning
* Mobilizing Effects of Online Campaigning
* Social Media and the Arab Spring
* Jobbik on Web. Right-wing extremism in Hungary
* Mapping the Austrian political Twittersphere

Session: Government 2.0
* The necessity of metadata for open linked data and its contribution to policy analyses
* Internal data monitoring for Open Government
* A Temperature Check on Open Government. Accessing parliamentarians attitude towards democratic concepts

Session: E-Democracy
* Founding an E-government in Algeria by 2014: Prospects and Constraints for Implementation
* The Largest Democracy – India – Poised for Open, Transparent, Accountable, Responsive and Sensitive – OTARS – eDemocracy
* DualVote: A Generic User Interface Demonstrating High Usability with Prêt à Voter

Session: Lightning Talks
* E-Participation Declined? Constituency Boundary Commission Review in Ireland
* Social computing potential for citizen engagement in public sector services
* How the New Social Media are changing the Social and Political Landscape in Romania and Serbia
* The OurSpace project, connecting young people and decision makers
* Implications of open access and e-participation on democracy in Nigeria
* E-democracy in Bulgaria* Open Nuts! Open Government Data activities in Austria
* Performance Measurement of MEMS Elements for Information Security of G-Cloud Channels
* The fitness of OGD for the creation of public value


* Open Access and Preservation in eGovernment
* E-Policy Making
* Open linked governmental data for citizen engagement
* Open Governmental Data



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