Regulation watch (Workshop #bsis11)

Regulation watch is a platform designed to summarize latest events on internet governance and respective analysis. The platform does not exist yet but plans were discussed in a workshop of the #bsis11 Conference (Berlin Symposium on Internet and Society), where I participated in 2 sessions (Language on the Internet; Regulation Watch).

Regulation is used in a broad sense comprising governmental, intergovernmental and parliamentary initiatives. Watch is basically seen as monitoring activities. Regulation watch on the platform is currently focused on European and German developments and selected international aspects.

The main subject areas comprise issues of access to the net, security and information order (e.g. network security, data protection) and procedures of the internet policy itself. A public beta version will be published in January 2012. Possible investigations discussed in the workshop were:

Which services are used? Which organisations benefit from such a platform? Where does the information come from? Transparency of actors in regulatory processes? Who is pushing specific regulations and who i opposing them? How much Material to cover? Where is the competitive edge of such a scientific platoform? How do we motivate people to contribute?

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