David Bismark: E-voting without fraud

David Bismark talks about E-Voting without fraud.

Elections are the most important part of vital democracies, but elections that are 100 % correct and transparent are difficult to realise. David Bismark briefly explains a transparent voting system…

Watch the Video at TED.com

One comment

  1. The theory behind is described in
    Chaum, D.: Blind Signatures for Untraceable Payments in: Chaum, D., Rivest, R.L.,
    Sherman A.T. (eds): Advances in Cryptology, Proceedings of Crypto 82, pp. 199-203

    and described in http://www.e-voting.cc/static/evoting/files/diehl_online-voting-project_213-222.pdf

    I believe we need a new form of democracy which accounts for the digital character of the internet rather than impose new technology over old (voting) methods. This does not necessarily mean direct democracy.


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