EU Online Consultation: eGovernment

The Flemish Government and a host of European local government partner organisations are working to ensure that the Belgian Presidency’s forthcoming ‘Lift Off Towards Open Government’ Conference on December 15-16th starts with a bang by identifying the top things that national and EU decision makers can do by 2013 to better support local eGovernment.

Citadel Statement

The aim of this effort is to produce a pan-European ‘Call to Action’ – known as the Citadel Statement – that will help local government deliver on the key objectives of the Malmö Ministerial Declaration. To have maximum impact, it is important that the Citadel Statement reflects the views of local eGovernment practioners from across Europe.

Help make the Citadel Statement a success by joining the online consultation at: Local eGovernment Statement

The Flemish Government invite practioners from across Europe to the official launch of the Citadel Statement at a pre-conference on the site of the old Ghent Citadel on December 14. Register now at

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