First PEP-NET Live Chat (German)

PEP-NETDue to the success of the “Live Chats” that we conducted during the recent online discourse on eParticipation in Central and Eastern Europe, we will regularly conduct Live Chats on the PEP-NET blog.

A Live Chat is a text chat that can be accessed through a web browser, allowing all participants to ask questions of the panel members at a specific time. The chats are pre-moderated to allow a structured conversation.

First of a series of Live Chats

The first of our Live Chat series will be conducted in German, although there is an automated translation facility that you can use to view the discussion in your own language. We will post an English-language summary of the discussion afterwards. Alexander Koop of the Bertelsmann Stiftung and Renate Mitterhuber from the City of Hamburg, two of the organisations that jointly published “Leitfaden Online-Konsultation” about conducting public consultations online, will take questions on the document and eParticipation in general. The City of Hamburg is a member of PEP-NET.

This Live Chat will take place on Monday 14th June from 16.00 – 17.00 CET. You can go straight to the chat by visiting . Please pass on this information to people who may be interested.

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