End-of-Year Review 2009

2009 is almost over. Time to recap and some facts:

  • January 20, the White House has a new tenant:  The Obama administration got rid of dust accumulated over 8 years.
  • The world turned flat – but bigger too! G8 officially morphed into G20, accounting for a new distribution of force and balance. India, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia are now officially global players, among others.
  • H1N1 was declared world pandemia.
  • Mahmud Ahmadinedschad fought presidential elections. While official media anounced the new / old president with great fanfare, twitter and facebook turned into invaluable heralds of public opinion.
  • It’s getting dark, too dark to see: On July 22 a total eclipse darkened the earth’s surface. The next comparable eclipse will come in 2150.
  • November 9, Commemoration of the rise of the siege. For more than 40 years an ideological, economical and concrete wall divided Europe and the world. In 2009, twenty years after the demolition, this fact has turned into a pupil-stunning page in a history book.
  • December 1, the Treaty of Lisbon reunites the European Union.
  • Time to breathe? It’s yet undecided whether the world climate summit can be declared failure or success.

Centres for E-Government and Applied Informatics

While the activities of the Centres for E-Government and Applied Informatics are not of epic dimension, we relentlessly pushed forward to define what we think digital government will become in 2010 and beyond. Our classes, lectures, events, projects and press articles give proof. We would like to thank our partners, followers, grads, students and associates for co-operation and helping us moving forward together. As we stand on the threshold to a new digital society, the human ties rise in importance!


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