Challenge: Future

Die Frist zur Anmeldung zum Mittun (Einreichen von Projekten) endet am 18. November!

Bisher gibt es 684 Anmeldungen aus 60 Ländern. Das Projekt hat im Advisory Board Persönlichkeiten wie Don Tapscott, Joel Gardner (und meine Wenigkeit).


The mission of Challenge:

Future, not-for-profit consortium, is to develop, organize and manage incentivized competitions »Challenge: Future« with the aim to connect creative young students, schools, innovative companies and ideas from around the globe.

The initiative’s vision is to foster the ideas and innovative solutions for world’s sustainable future, to attract and incentive talented youth and to disseminate knowledge. Challenge: Future is envisioned as the world’s largest youth collaborative contest that creates a virtual forum that connects corporate and global challenges with the power of student-driven innovation based on sustainability principles. Using the power of Web 2.0 technologies, Challenge: Future invites groups of students from universities and schools throughout the globe to develop solutions to specific sustainability challenges.

Further Inforamtion

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