EDem09 – Live-Reports

Next Monday and Tuesday, 7th and 8th of September 2009, the University of Economics and Business in Vienna will host the annual Conference on eDemocracy – Edem09.

LogoEDem09kleinThe upcoming conference gives experts and the interested public the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions about the influence of the web 2.0 on our democracies. There are a number of eDemocracy applications, ranging from transparency and information sites, discussion panels, deliberation and consultation platforms to decision-making and voting systems, thus encompassing the entire democratic process.


As we received great feedback on our live-reports from the Alpbach Technology Forum, we want to offer you the same services again at the EDem09-Conference. You can follow our reports on our Blog, on Twitter and on FriendFeed. Follow our Tweets with the hashtag #edem09 and post your comments. We are curious if the new audience will make use of the platform FriendFeed. In this Blog you will find most detailed information.


=====  FriendFeed =====  Twitter =====  Blog =====

We are looking forward to seeing you in Vienna or reading from you on the Web!

Further Information

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