Trusting a CEO in the Twitter Age

Social media tools offer a new test for leaders when it comes to dealing candidly with employees, especially amid economic insecurity
– by Barry Salzberg

“The days are long gone when organizations could control the message internally or build a wall between themselves and the outside world. Today what’s inside is soon outside, posted on blogs and message boards—or simply Twittered during meetings. Messages get distorted: Rumors take on the status of truth and digital hearsay is quickly seen as fact. Never is the truth more at risk than during tough times, with layoffs in the headlines and uppermost on employees’ minds. At such times leaders need to redouble their efforts to tell employees the truth, balancing candor with compassion and hope with honesty.

It’s an old lesson, but never has it been more urgent than during this historic downturn, which has brought public trust in business and business leaders to near-record lows. In a recent Edelman survey, two-thirds of respondents say they trust business less than they did a year ago. Even more troubling, a mere 17%—less than one in five—trust what they hear from a company’s chief executive. […]”

Town Hall Meetings for Businesses

Read more about the benefits of the new  Straight Talk program that gives employees the opportunity to discuss the future of their business with their CEO – click here.


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