7th Eastern European eGov Days

On April 23rd and 24th, the 7th Eastern European e|Gov Days took place in Prague as an event, supplementing the Czech presidency of the EU. The annual Eastern European e|Gov Days provid a solid platform for exchange of creative ideas and inspiring technology transfer between Western and Eastern European countries.

e-Government & e-Business Ecosystem & e-Justice

As the years before the Center for E-Government of the Danube University Krems (ZEG) took part in this particular event. One of the slots was dedicatet to eParticipation and eVoting. The Austrian contruibutions to this slot were notably strong. Apart from contributions from Mag. Daniel Medimorec form the ZEG, Prof. Aleksandar Prosser from the Vienna University of Economy and Business and Dr. Günther Schefbeck from the Austrian Parlament also presented their work in this session. The participants acknowledged the strong Austrian committement in the area of eDemocracy and eParticipation.

The presentation of Mag. Daniel Medimorec gave an overview of the Austrian eParticipation project „Jugend2help.gv.at: E-government for joung people“.

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