Book: EDem2008


EDem2008, Peter Parycek, Alexander Prosser (eds.)

There are a number of E-Democracy applications, ranging from providing information to discussion, deliberation, decision-making and voting, thus encompassing the entire democratic process. The technical devices have become a means to an end, and there are other questions that now need to be raised and answered:

  • To what extent can E-Democracy support and enrich our democracy?
  • What and where are the interfaces, what methods can be used to integrate E-participation in present politics public administration processes?
  • How can we ensure that the greatest number of people are reached and are able to use the means of participation?
  • How can the modern media support political education?
  • How can the Internet increase participation in political discussion?
  • What are the limitations and the risks of E-Democracy?

The EDem2008 conference presents the opportunity to look into these questions and discuss the answers.

ISBN 978-3-85403-239-7

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